35 thoughts on “What UFC fighters "Really" think about Israel Adesanya ?

  1. E. Mal says:

    Out of all the comments, khabib's compliment has gotta make izzy feel great. Khabib only speaks the truth and he absolutely knows what it takes to be a big star in the octagon. Definitely a big honor to hear that opinion

  2. Bart Simpson says:

    I’m about 5’10 190 lbs. I’ve always had natural athletic talent and good at fighting. I’ve always fought people bigger and older than me. I probably would’ve been a good fighter in lightweight or welterweight. I just have crippling anxiety so I never leave my room but I bet in another life I could’ve been a good fighter

  3. Ben Qi says:

    Facts don’t discredit Jon Jones ! Please real MMA fans he’s been here forever always consistently changing his game and maintaining the level but look Israel is good asf tho but JJ is right he’s been doing this forever

  4. Mikiel Sahagun says:

    Some one has to tell you the truth my guy: Costa you should have left the gamesmenship, trash talk and taunts outside the octagon. Your butt paid for it by getting dry humped. Hope you learn this lesson for bed time: make a credible game plan besides taunting to get Izzy to striking range


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